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                  Student enrolment into Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School in 2017

                  Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary Schoolwas originally set up in 1993. The PYP Department has been authorized to teach the Primary Years Programme by the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) since 2007.

                  Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School was founded in autumn 2013 under the cooperation between Shanghai Junyao Group and Gongshu Government of Hangzhou. It is based on the curriculum and the advanced teaching philosophy and teaching method of Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School. It currently consists of two separate departments:the Bilingual Department and the PYP Department(International Baccalaureate Organization Primary Years Programme).

                  WFLPS has an excellent school campus and teaching facilities. It has a reputation for its experienced administrative and teaching staff who provide high quality teaching. The Bilingual Department has a Chinese and Western integrated system. It focuses on not only the basic knowledge but also on developing comprehensive skills. Graduates will have the ability to compete with both Chinese and foreign students. The PYP Department uses a trans-disciplinary curriculum as a base, supplemented with local materials. PYP focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer and creative thinker, both in the classroom and in the world outside. PYP prepares students to be active participants in a lifelong journey of learning.  

                  1.    Enrolment Quota

                  PYP Department            2 classes

                  2.    School Prerequisites

                  Students must be born between September 1st, 2010 and August 31st, 2011, have good health and an overseas passport.

                  3.    Date and Time

                  1)     Parents are invited to come to school at 1:00pm on November 16th(Wednesday). The School Mission, Learner Profiles, and Curriculum will be presented. Registration forms for new year one students can be collected then. (No children are expected on the day.) Parents will be able to ask questions.

                  2)     The Registration Form is to be returned on December.3rd (Saturday) according to the booked time on the form. Please bring your child with a photocopy of his/her passport and relevant materials, and a one-inch photo. (These photocopyies will not be returned)

                  3)     Parents of successful candidates will be contacted before December 14th, 2016. If your child is not accepted, you will not be contacted.

                  4.    Scholarship

                  The school has a HWFL scholarship system in place. This is awarded to students once a semester to reward effort and application. The scholarship winners account for 15-20% of the students.

                  5.    Tuition

                  Tuition of year 2016 is 35,000 yuan each semester.Tuition of year 2017 will be decided by the Price Bureau in Hangzhou.  

                  6.    Enrolment Procedures

                  1)     The school will set up a lead group to discuss and choose suitable students.

                  2)     Presents will be refused to ensure fairness and justice.

                  3)     The enrolment is supervised by the Education authorities and the public.

                  7.    School address: No.167, Lishui Road

                  Tel: 0571-89981598   18969131699  (Madam Pan)

                  More information to be found on HWFL website:


                  Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School


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