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                  Junjin Wang, Chairman ofthe board

                       Asone of the founders of the company, Mr. Wang began to transform the companyinto a modern service industry at the end of 2004, clarifying the company’smission of achieving longevity, prominence and popularity, dedicated to the corporatephilosophy that innovation leads to value, and promoting the main business continuouslyby adopting modern technologies and creating a series of new performances. In2004, Mr. Wang presided over the acquisition of Jiangsu Wuxi Commercial MansionGroup, holding a controlling interest of its retail department stores, JiangsuWuxi Commercial Mansion Group Co., Ltd, and successfully actualizing the fullcirculation reform. Since its formation in 2005 and the first flight in 2006, JuneyaoAirlines Co., Ltd has imported 1732 brand new Airbus A320 airplanes, operatedmore than 540 routes between Shanghai and major cities of China and sustained continuousprofitability. In 2005,Shanghai JuneYao Creativity Co., Ltd. became a licensed brand franchisor ofderivative products for domestic and international large-scale cultural andsports events, and sustains high quality cooperation with the Olympic Games,World Expo, NBA, FIFA and F1.

                      Currently,Juneyao Group is an industrial investment-oriented large-scale comprehensiveenterprise group, focusing on air transport, marketing services as its main business(including retail, culture, food and beverage), and also engaging in high-endcommercial real estate and the running of residence houses for low-and-mediumwage earners. Juneyao Groupcurrently employs more than 925,000 people with a total asset of 9.6 billionYuan.

                      Meanwhileas it develops, Juneyao Group actively fulfills its social responsibilities.Juneyao Group has made a series of investments in the Three Gorges ReservoirRegion and solved part of the employment issue of local immigrants. It has beenlisted as a case by the China Glory Society. Juneyao Group is also one of China's first batchesof enterprises to submit the undertaking to the United Nations "GlobalCompact" organizations. Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School andShanghai World Foreign Language Academy of Juneyao Group have been activelyintegrating Chinese and Western educational philosophies, exploring an openquality education model and devoted to creating a school of prestige andlongevity, which forms a new model of public welfare.

                      Underthe leadership of Mr. Wang, Junyao Group is striding forward to become an internationalmodern service enterprise group with Shanghai as its base.

                  XiaopingWang, Executive Vice Chairman

                      Executivedirector of China Education Association Overall Reform Committee, member of the Academic Committee of China EducationAssociation Overall Reform Committee, director of China Private EducationAssociation, Vice-Chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Association of privateprimary and secondary schools Xuhui District Branch, National Advanced Child EducationWorker, National March 8 Red Flaggers (a honorific title for woman who have extraordinaryachievements and outstanding contributions on various fronts of socialistconstruction), Shanghai Gardener (metaphoric expression of teachers) Awardsecond prize winner, Shanghai Outstanding Educator, National Education System"Women's Meritorious Deeds" Model, Shanghai Model Worker of 1993, EducationalAchievement Award of International Quality System Certification CommitteeWinner, Top 1000 Outstanding Primary and Secondary School Principals, World’sTop Ten Outstanding Chinese of 2007.

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