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                  The school welcomes personages ofvarious circles, open up cooperative education, put research resultsinto practice, combine education with scientific research, absorb advantages ofChinese and Western education and cultures, preserve the character ofinternational school, advocate personality of students and teachers and fosterglobal citizens.

                  The school holds the ethos that we havewhat others do not have and we have the better what others have and worktowards first-rate private school with excellent quality, specialty andinternational mindedness.

                  The school focus on moral education,international mindedness and development capability, especially basic knowledgeand skills, enables students to be well-mannered and international person.


                   Inscription written by current president ofChinese Education Society, Zhang Chengxian

                  Inscription written by famous educator, Lv Xingwei



                  Inscription written by principal of Shanghai NormalUniversity, Yang Deguang

                  Inscription written by party chief ofShanghai educational committee, Wang Ronghua



                  Inscription written by vice director of nationaleducational committee, Liu Bin

                  Inscription written by Chancellor of WFLschool, director of standing committee of Xuhui District, Huang Chenghai



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